Covid 19 Statement

Dear Valued Clients,

Unison Engineering Ltd. would like to advise you of our protocols to help prevent the spread of Covid19 to both protect our employees and maintain excellent customer service through this pandemic. We proactively observe developments at a local and national level during the crises and are in close contact with European suppliers to mitigate potential effects on business operations.

Employee health and well-being remains a core value in Unison and we undertake best-practice when it comes to providing a safe work environment. High levels of safety and hygiene have always been followed in the company, however, we have reinforced and built upon these standards since during the pandemic with the following precautionary procedures.

  1. Staff have been given direction to reduce the possibility of spreading infection, and have access to hand sanitiser, facemasks, and tissues. 
  2. The workforce has been advised of their duty to adopt good personal hygiene and ensure their area of work abides by official Government public health guidance.
  3. Social distancing guidelines have been communicated to staff to reduce contact and maintaining adequate space whilst at work and while at customer sites.
  4. Relevant signage has been installed throughout the premises with guidelines to staff on how to wash their hands and maintain hygiene standards throughout the facility.
  5. Emergency telephone numbers and a supporting company reporting procedure have been provided to staff in the case of presenting with Covid19 symptoms or having been in close contact with a confirmed case.
  6. Government guidelines relating to staff returning from foreign countries, including self-isolating measures, have been communicated.
  7. Non-essential visits to the premises have been suspended until further Government guidelines have been issued.
  8. Staff are supported to work from home where their duties permit.
  9. All travel to high-risk countries is halted throughout this period.
  10. Engineers will continue to conduct customer site visits at their request for essential maintenance and repair requirements, subject to customer’s policy.

Several of Unisons European suppliers based in high-risk countries have been heavily impacted by Government guidelines requiring them to adopt strict protocols which has negatively impacted their business operations. As a result, some spares and equipment accessibility incur delayed delivery. Our sales team will continue to update you of these potential delays, we kindly request customers for their continued patience through this period.

In closing, Unison remain committed to supporting you where we can, our engineers are available for any breakdowns and essential service and hold an extensive range of spares available on a next day delivery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this statement or wish to discuss a specific issue.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Paul Sheehan