Process Equipment Servicing 

Unison is a leading process equipment servicing company for the Dairy, Beer, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. We offer a rapid-response service, with a well-refined capability to react quickly to the service needs of your company. Combined with the unique skill set of our experienced engineers, Unison is perfectly positioned to be your trusted service partner.

Unison’s skilled service engineers ensure that your process systems operate as efficiently as possible, specialising in:

• General maintenance

• Homogeniser, valve and pump servicing

• Heat exchanger service and refurbishment

Our service is not just about competitive rates — it’s about minimising expensive downtime. We respond quickly, and target resolution of the problem on the first visit. Our expert repair and inspection service team are consistently thorough, quick and professional.


We also offer preventative maintenance contracts for entire sites where we take responsibility for all scheduling, servicing and record-keeping.

Arrabawn Dairies

Arrabawn Dairies have been using Unison to service our pasteurisers, homogenisers and storage tanks for the past 14 years. Unison does an excellent job, they are always punctual, professional and offer the most competitive rates in the industry. They provide 24hr support and can be onsite within an hour – this is critical to us, and why we use them, they are extremely dependable.


  •  Maintenance and onsite repairs
  • 24/7 emergency coverage*
  • Free equipment inspection, followed by a full report and quote for repair
  • A full inventory of spare parts
  • Service center and PHE refurbishment facility at our Limerick headquarters
  • Highly qualified engineers

*Subject to service agreement 

Homogeniser Servicing

Homogeniser Servicing Ireland

Our vast experience in the service of every leading model of homogeniser including HST, APV, SPX, Rannie, GEA Niro Soavi, BOS, Alfa Laval and many more ensures that we know exactly what homogenising solution is required for your business.

We are partners and the sole official Irish suppliers of Krones Group HST Homogenisers. HST's high pressure homogenisers are designed and manufacturers in Dassow, Germany, leveraging decades of design know how in this field. Our strong partnership with HST means you are in safe hands when it comes to all your homogenising needs.

What does a Full Homogeniser Service include?

  • Replacement of all wet end seals & gaskets.

  • Draining of oil, followed by an oil and filter replacement.

  • Full component inspection.

  • Oil pressure check.

  • Check pump valves, seats and packing adjusting ring for wear and replace if necessary.*

  • Product pressure gauge inspection.

  • Inspection of bearings for wear.

  • LOP operation check.

  • Running of homogeniser on water at normal working pressure to confirm all is in proper order.

  • Customer is supplied with a full and concise report on the machine.

Heat Exchanger Servicing 

Unison’s team of highly skilled service engineers carry out routine maintenance and emergency repairs of all makes and models of heat exchangers, including Arsopi, Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Fischer, Sondex, Schmidt and many others. The majority of spare parts are held at our facility in Limerick, which enables us to offer a rapid breakdown service which includes:

  • De-gasketing
  • Re-gasketing
  • Acid cleaning
  • Integrity Testing
  • Channel deformation checks
  • Pressure testing

During a plate heat exchanger service for your company, Unison will thoroughly examine all PHEs, making sure any sealing problems or deformities are corrected. Our servicing team removes your existing plates, tests their integrity and fully refurbishes them so they are ready to use again.

Heat Exchanger Servicing Ireland

Unison Engineering
Valve Servicing

Unison Engineering carry out on-site valve service work on all makes and models of process valves.

Our engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of valve maintenance and can provide valuable insight to customers on the correct hygienic operation of the valve.

Valve Servicing Ireland

Pump Servicing

Pump Servicing Ireland

Unison pump servicing helps you maximise your pump equipment investment and minimise downtime. We provide reconditioning and repair of process pumps at our service center in Limerick.

Servicing Partners You Can Trust

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Integrity Testing of Plate Heat Exchangers

With HEIST and Pastest+, Unison's patented heat exchanger testing systems. Unison empowers companies to take control of their own testing, eliminating the need for service engineers and allowing testing to be done quickly and effectively.

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Unison Process Solutions are sole distributors of Evoguard valves in Ireland, Evoguard Fluid Process Valves include hygienic shut-off, block and regulation valves. We also supply quality reconditioned valves from all the leading brands.

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We are sole distributors of Evoguard pumps in Ireland. We also supply quality reconditioned pumps from Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Waukesha, Fristam, SPX, Packo and others.,

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Spare Parts

We supply a wide range of top quality processing spare parts which are delivered the same day or next. We stock parts supporting Tetra Pak, APV/SPX, Alfa Laval, GEA Niro Saovi and HST equipment.

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