Unison is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers and providers of milk processing solutions in Ireland. 

Processing liquid milk is where we started and is a particular area of expertise for Unison. Along with manufacturing world class pasteurisers at our production facility in Limerick we provide a full range of other equipment, servicing and spare parts. We’re always striving for excellence by researching new processing methods and innovations that will help you achieve a perfect product. This passion, combined with years of experience and comprehensive knowledge ensures that Unison is leading the way in processing one of the world’s staple foods.
We provide full support at every stage, from enquiry to installation. We will also provide any necessary training for your workforce, ensuring your new machinery runs without a hitch. We pride ourselves on our after sales care and stock a comprehensive range of spare parts, helping our clients continue with business as usual. 

Thanks to our many decades experience, Unison is able to help our clients to find the right equipment by offering tailor made solutions, proposing machinery and equipment which combine technology and user-friendliness.

We offer Pasteurisers, Homogenisers, Separators, Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Integrity Testing and complete Turnkey projects.  We are experts in the field of Dairy processing and keen to assist clients with any processing solutions they require. 

Some examples of Dairy companies we have worked with include: 

Glanbia LogoSilver Pail Dairy
Kerry Foods LogoLakeland Dairies
Danone LogoLacPatrick
Arrabawn Dairy

"Arrabawn Dairies have been using Unison to service our Pasteurisers,  Homogenisers and storage tanks for the past 14 years. Unison does an excellent job, they are always punctual, professional and offer the most competitive rates in the industry. They provide 24hr support and can be onsite within an hour – this is critical to us, and why we use them, they are extremely dependent."

John Fay, Maintenance Manager

We offer a wide range of products and services for the Dairy Industry. 

Unison's main aim is to make the production process as simple as possible. We appreciate that clients depend on our machinery and endeavour to ensure everything keeps running as it should. Unison doesn't simply supply equipment; we're also here to provide full support wherever it is needed.


Unison offers a wide range of compact and custom-built multi-purpose pasteurisers with capacities of 500–20,000 l/h. Our reliable and innovative pasteurisers are manufactured to meet our clients specific product and process requirements.

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Unison are official distributors SPX Flow's Seital Separation technologies. Serving the dairy, beverage and industrial sectors, SPX FLOW’s highly esteemed Seital Separation brand specialises in leading-edge separation and clarification technology.

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Heat Exchangers

Unison Engineering supply all makes of Plate Heat Exchangers and gaskets including GEA Ecoflex, Arsopi, Alfa Laval, APV, Fischer, Tranter, Schmidt, Swed and others.

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Process Equipment Servicing

Unison are a one stop shop for all of your Process Spare Parts and servicing needs. We are committed to providing the best of services, both in planned preventative maintenance and emergency breakdowns.

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We are sole distributors of HST Krones Homogenisers in Ireland. We also sell high quality reconditioned homogenisers from Alfa Laval, APV, Bertoli, FBF, Gaulin, GEA, Niro Soavi, Rannie, SPX, Tetra Pak and others as well as being the one-stop shop for all your homogeniser servicing and testing needs.

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Water Saver Unit

Unison's Water Saver Unit reduces your costs by recovering and recycling water that would otherwise be discarded. In addition, the system also shows up contaminated water which gives an early warning of any systematic problems.

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Integrity Testing of Plate Heat Exchangers

With HEIST and Pastest+, Unison's patented heat exchanger testing systems. Unison empowers companies to take control of their own testing, eliminating the need for service engineers and allowing testing to be done quickly and effectively.

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Turnkey Process Projects

Unison’s Process Engineering team specialise in the turnkey design, fabrication and installation of bespoke process systems for the Dairy, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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Unison Engineering Services Ltd. are sole distributors of Evoguard valves in Ireland, Evoguard Fluid Process Valves include hygienic shut-off, block and regulation valves. We also supply quality reconditioned valves from all the leading brands.

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Spare Parts

We supply a wide range of top quality processing spare parts which are delivered the same day or next. We stock parts supporting Tetra Pak, APV/SPX, Alfa Laval, GEA Niro Saovi and HST equipment.

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We are sole distributors of Evoguard pumps in Ireland. We also supply quality reconditioned pumps from Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Waukesha, Fristam, SPX, Packo and others.

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Other Equipment

Unison is a one stop shop for all of your process equipment. We also supply tanks, separators, chillers, Milk Vending Machines and much more.

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Whether you require a single machine or a full turnkey solution, you can count on Unison to deliver your requirements on time, on budget and at a realistic price.