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Milk Vending Pasteurisers and Machines 

Dairy Farmers in Ireland and the UK are seeing an increase of up to 700% per litre of milk by selling direct to their customers. 

Milk Vending is becoming increasingly popular for farmers in Ireland and the UK who are looking to diversify by selling their milk directly to customers. Over the past two years we have been working closely with farmers in Ireland and the UK to make their Milk Vending Business a reality. 

Here at Unison we provide a one stop shop for everything you need to get into the Milk Vending Business. We have a range of innovative equipment including continuous flow (HTST) and batch pasteurisers, Milk Vending Machines, glass bottles, Chillers and Complete Hygienic Room solutions. 

Traditionally people looking to get into the Milk Vending Business had two options: invest heavily in much larger and more expensive equipment than was required or settle for batch pasteurisers which can be very laborious and time consuming. Unison's main focus is to ensure that your production process is as simple and user-friendly as possible and we have developed an affordable alternative with our Continuous flow Milk Vending Machine pasteuriser. Our plug-and-play systems are user friendly, fully automatic with one-touch operation.


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With the upcoming Leader initiative for Artisan Suppliers in Ireland (Applications open April 2021) you can get up to 75% of the costs of the equipment (Pasteuriser, Milk Vending Machine, Bottle Filler,  Chiller etc.) for setting up your Milk Vending business to a total of €200,000.  

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HTST Pasteuriser for sale HTST Pasteuriser for sale

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Compact HTST Milk Vending Machine Pasteuriser

POA  (Price on Application)

Standard Flow Rate: 200-2000 L/hr
Dimensions: 1000mm × 740mm × 1100mm (L, W, H)
Weight: 150kg Product: Milk

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HTST Pasteuriser for sale

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Milk Vending Machine

We have partnered with DF Italia to provide automatic milk vending machines. Made in Italy, they are perfect for the direct selling of pasteurised milk, from farm to consumer. DF Italia produce various models for any necessity, from 100 litres, to modular systems for 1800 litres and more!

These milk vending machines can be installed in and out of farms, in indoor and outdoor places, in and out of supermarkets and in any place with electric connection. Finally, your customers can buy your high-quality milk 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We supply various models for any need, from 100 litres, to modular systems for 1800 litres and more!

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Starting a Milk Vending Machine  business can be a daunting task but Unison would be delighted to help you on the journey. Any questions about any of our products or the Milk Vending industry in general simply contact us using the details below and a member of the Unison team will be in touch.